Hubient Agency September Week 1 Newsletter

Big Congratulations to our PH Hosts and ANZ Hosts for their Birthday and Winning PK.

Thank you for hopping in and joining the fun at 


last Aug 14, 2021 as Team Hubient celebrates 

it along with aldwinsteaven with guests  

halfmd, chellemariveles, and fed_villanueva

Way to go 


 He won his first Birthday PK in a landslide victory 

 for getting a total of 37,210 charm points. A happy birthday indeed! 


an A4OU member and Hubient PH’s new influencer, already made us proud by winning her 1st ever PK Battle. Be sure to follow her on her new journey. 

Keep up on the updates about Angelika by following her social media in Hubient Agency page. 

Cheers to 


also known as Sunny_Pham for winning the 

official Daily PK last August 20, 2021. Keep it up, Sunny! 

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