Hubient Agency Week 3 September Newsletter

Congratulation to all our Hubient Talents!


A warm of applause to 

Ms. Claudine 

for grabbing again the Elite Host PK 

last September 7, 2021! She won  

by gaining 42.1k total charisma points.  

Keep it up, Ms. Claudine!  


aldwinsteven (top 2), dean1230 (top 9) and IAMJCRUZ (top 10) 

 for grabbing top places in a wildcard  campaign entitled  

VORNADO: Air Circulator last July 13-21!!! 

Congratulations, Hubient Talents! You surely  know how to blow us all away! 

Last august 27, 2021, Ms. Chanel was declared  Hubient’s Top Host PK

for the month of August.  


Ms. Chanel!  

You truly deserve it!  


she was nominated for Miss MLBB (Mobile Legends Bang Bang).  

We are so proud of you and we will be cheering for you all the way!  

Support Seika in her Miss MLBB journey by following her  on social media and Hubient Agency. 

Hubient Seika

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